Product Lines

Baltec Corporation
Radial riveting, orbital riveting, press equipment, and custom automated assembly machines. Baltec can offer a solution for virtually any cold forming, fastening or assembly application.
Branson Welders Branson Plastics Joining
Multiple technologies for joining thermoplastic components of all types. Processes include ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, laser welding, spin welding, hot plate welding, and heat staking.
Branson Cleaning Branson Precision Cleaning
Ultrasonic parts cleaning systems including water and solvent based platforms. Product offerings range from individual transducerized cleaning tanks, to complete mutli-stage bench systems with integral parts handling robotics.
CodeSource CodeSource
CodeSource is a market leader in the field of part marking, identification and management. Product offerings include; I-GUIDES UID Management Software, laser marking systems, laser-marked ID labels, barcode imagers and verifiers, thermal printers, RFID systems (tags, readers and software).
CTS Cone Drive
Cone Drive is a world leader in precision motion control technology, utilizing highly-engineered, gearing solutions. Our double-enveloping worm gear technology delivers drive solutions with the highest torque and shock load capacity in the smallest amount of space.
DEPRAG Deprag, Inc.
Product offerings include pneumatic and electric screwdrivers for manual or robotic assembly. Turnkey fastening systems can be developed to meet the challenges of your specific production requirements.
Destaco Destaco Automation - (Robohand, Camco/Ferguson)
Wide range of motion control components for precision positioning and parts handling applications. Product mix includes Camco/Ferguson index drives for intermittent motion, and Robohand robotic "end of arm" components that include grippers, slides, rotary actuators, and tool changers.
Dorner Dorner Mfg.
Extensive line of conveyor systems including flat belt and plastic chain designs. Model lineup features a wide variety of units specifically engineered for assembly, packaging, food handling, and warehousing applications.
Excelitas Excelitas
OmniCure UV curing systems offer a high degree of adaptability and ease of integration with a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from precision UV spot curing to advanced LED UV area curing systems. Their patented closed loop feedback delivers stable and repeatable UV light during the assembly process.
Inter-Lakes Bases Inter-Lakes Bases
Standard and custom machine bases that serve as the platform for any workstation or workcell. Heavy-duty bases feature welded steel construction for the utmost in rigidity and precision. Custom machined dial plates are also available.
International Thermal Systems is a global equipment manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces and aqueous washers. ITS provides heat processing and part cleaning solutions for applications found in the automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry and metal packaging industries.
Telesis Telesis Technologies
U.S. based and U.S built, Telesis carries a full line of dot peen, scribe, and laser marking systems capable of marking on virtually any substrate. Applications include direct part marking of text and machine readable codes.
Performance Feeders Vibromatic
Custom vibratory feed systems for automated assembly machines. Feeder bowl designs incorporate hand tooled, straight wall stainless steel materials ensuring long-term reliability. Resupply hoppers and part elevators are also available.
Zaxis Zaxis
Zaxis Inc. is the industry leader in high performance air leak testing equipment. Their state-of-the-art testers can perform pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, pressure cracking, burst pressure, valve cracking pressure and many other testing functions.